In creating Guitar Apprentice, we developed an entirely new way of teaching songs. Instead of requiring that a student learn to play all the notes of a song before being able to actually play it, we present the song in various levels where, on the lowest level, Guitar Apprentice plays most of the guitar part and all of the other instrument parts, and the student simply fills in the handful of missing notes. Guitar Apprentice tells the student which notes to play via animated fretboards, horizontally presented, that scroll down the screen. As the student progresses through the levels, Guitar Apprentice plays less and less of the guitar part and the student plays more and more until, eventually, the student is playing the entire guitar part.  It is available in music stores nationwide including Guitar Center, as well as at

We developed this methodology for teaching songs several years ago. It was entirely new and was patented for all video formats, including both DVD and video game. The patent was approved by the U.S. Patent office and issued in March. The patent is held by Guitar Apprentice, Inc., a Legacy Learning Systems company.

We intend to fully defend Guitar Apprentice and its intellectual property and hope that an amicable resolution with Ubisoft can be reached.

Statement from Gabriel Smith, Founder & CEO of Legacy Learning Systems, Nashville, Tennessee